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Onestroker - custom paintings, glass etchings, murals, gifts and novelties for you!

how to order and pay

In case you dont find what you are looking for in our online store, you can contact us to discuss and place any custom order.

We will discuss with you via phone and email and create a custom product and custom package for you.

Once the order has been finalized, then you can come back to this page and make a payment with a Major Credit Card or PayPal.

Hurry ! We are giving great discounts on all orders!!

contact sales Provide details of what you would like (use references to our portfolio or samples) and what customizations you require. We will discuss options with you via email and create a personalized package just for you.

Enter your name
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Please include item numbers
price list You can use the price list given below to get a rough estimate of the cost and to initiate discussions for a custom quote for your work. Remember the final quote will vary based on the materials, finishing, customizations, complexity etc.

Rush !!! These are introductory prices.
Canvas painting - Small Size (Approx 8" x 10")
Canvas painting - Medium Size (Approx 11" x 14")
Canvas painting - Large Size (Approx 16" x 24")
Canvas painting - Extra Large Size (Approx 40" x 60")
T - Shirt / Shirt / Aprons / Trousers / Jeans etc. painting
Wooden Plaques / Boards etc (Approx 11" x 14")
Vase paintings
Glasses and Cups etc.(per item)
Pillow Covers and similar sized cloth items (per item)
Book Covers, Pen Holders and other small gift items
Bed Sheets, Curtains and other large items

Contact us via the contact sales form or email us at Provide details of what you would like and what customizations you require. You can also reference the item number of one of items from the Portfolio or Other References pages. We will discuss options with you and create a personalized package just for you. Don't forget to provide your contact information e.g. email, phone etc. so we can get back to you.

pay now Ready to make a payment. You can click the Paypal button below, go to the paypal site and make a payment. You can enter the agreed upon amount and make the payment either with your PayPal account or any major credit card. Once we receive the payment and verify the amount, we will send you a confirmation and start work on your order.

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